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Laughter - Brenda Arledge’s 23rd Prompt

I'm interested in social issues, relationships, problems of daily living, jobs, exercise, poems and fiction, plus safer living conditions.

Brenda Arledge Prompt

For several weeks now Brenda Arledge has been giving the Hubpage community a prompt. We may write a poem, a story or a song.

The response is amazing, and Brenda takes the time to read each response. She gives us an in depth review of our work. This has been a wonderful learning experience for many of us.

The prompt, ‘laughter’, is sure to provide us with a variety of good responses.


Acrostic Poem

Living and loving is a happy life

All our sweet family and friends

Urging us all to laugh together

Giggling with laughter and tears

Helping each other through pain

Endorphins flow so we feel good

Reaching out to hug each other


Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation

Misery Is Optional

Laughter can heal all your pain

Some memories can be like a chain

They choke our lives, we are stuck

Moving forward may be dumb luck

Daily problems cause us stress

Solutions we always must address

Finding laughter we learn to play

Forget pain as we live each day

Misery is an option no one likes

No laughter we surely do dislike

Take a walk and enjoy all nature

Changing your mind can be major

Watch children as they laugh and play

You will find you always want to stay

Approach your life as a young child

Keeping a perspective that’s not wild


Choose to live happy, it will pay off

Smile, be generous and don’t scoff

Attitude changes make you happy

Make the change is not too shabby

Children’s laughter makes us smile

You can learn a whole new style

Choose the life you want to live

Laughter and kindness you can give

Laughter Yoga: Laughing Away The Stress

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby

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