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Late To Bed And Up Earl Too

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There Are Things We Want To Do

I can hear the trains horn in a distance

Reminding me to keep moving

The weather is turning warmer

I am watching the snowmelt

I watch one little drip coming off the gutter

As the temperature turns from 19 degrees to 36

The sun is so bright

Time to save on the heat

Money saved is money in our pockets

Like getting a bonus paycheck at work

Something we could all use

Little ways make saving money a game

Finding a gas station that is ten cents cheaper

Walking by the drive-thru at work

Seeing loose change on the ground

It might be only a shiny dime or two pennies

My father told me years ago

Every little bit helps

The pennies add up to dollars

As I go on with my day

Only to think of things that I need to do

Then things I want to do

Deep in my mind

Little by little my long list will get done

No stress

I will have fun doing the things I can

The things I don't get done

They will be a beacon of light

To lead me on

So I keep trying

To accomplish a little more than I did before