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Late Spring Taunts Me Again

Here Comes The Rain

Happy Friday

I get the five-gallon white buckets out

I put them around the house

To catch any rainwater they can

I go down the cellar it is damp

No water yet

I check the pump and there is water in the hole

So I manually put the pump on

When I go outside

My wife says don't get wet

I will try not too

Twenty minutes later I come in soaked

The weather is cool 49 degrees

I put on my old winter jacket

So even though I looked wet

I was dry underneath

It was not long ago

I felt like sleeping beauty

When the rain on the roof

Made me stir

It's funny because I have always loved the rain

It is fun to walk and get splashes of water in the face

The sound of my feet slapping through puddles even appeals to me

So instead of being down

I thought of a new approach

Let's be creative

If I make a temporary trough that could go around the house

Easily lifted when it doesn't rain

It could catch water coming from all directions

The rest of the water would pool away from the house

That is o.k.

Then inside this make shift old wooden trough

I could easily lift out buckets or plastic containers that would temporarily catch all the water

A wonderful way to use the water later

To water all the plants around our yard

Then when not in use

I would just leave the framework in place

Easily to attach and detach to make it workable in minutes

With adversity comes ingenuity

We shall see how the day will play out

My wife thinks the rain is slowing up

I heard it is supposed to rain till noon

Either way nature is trying to tell me something

Get moving and let your mind use its imagination

There is no problem that can't be solved

As long as we keep an open mind

Apply good common sense

Trial and error is the only way to tell

Don't give up if all things don't work too well

Keep a good sense of humor through it all

One day you will laugh

When you have solved an age-old problem

Then you can write your first novel

A Tall Tale Of Man Against Water

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