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Late Night Talk Show Host Persona

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Wrapped up in the guise of being famously chatty

Loved to laugh at good jokes and enjoyed listening to others

Someone that people could rely on to address their opinions

And make us laugh about it in the process

A bonus skill that few can possess and sell well enough

Without coming across as a total smart aleck

A delicate balance that many usually trip over to the finish line

Takes a comedic and talkative person to do certain jobs

Stand-up comedy and being a television host

Winning the crowd over with their charm and sparkling wit

Many introverts would instantly fold under the glaring spotlight

Pressure to always be on even when you're having a bad night

Only a chosen few can have the longevity of maintaining a show

Millions of viewers comfortable having them on their screens

Watching their clips online and sharing them with the world

What happens when they're no longer trendy and just seem bored

Either retirement or being replaced with a younger model

Sometimes a little of both depending on which network

Latest fresh faced host scrubbed and prepped for airwaves

Presented in a pristine package for 11:30 PM crowd

Lively band music introducing you five nights a week

A monologue covering current events and mocking most of them

Bringing levity to an otherwise overly serious world

Full of chaos, drama and reality television reruns ad nauseum

Not all necessarily in that debilitating order

Wondered if the host with the most colorful one liners

Was the real deal or just scripted and made-up that way

Debated whether this all around nice person was genuinely that

Pondered if they had temper tantrums behind the scenes

Or used and abused staff members at their latest whims

Were they all egotists in disguise as kind hearted souls

Who made way too much money for talking to famous people

Sitting on a couch or comfy chairs to promote their newest production

A job that had staying power and security in having somewhere to go

Johnny Carson held his position of The Tonight Show for 3 decades

Until he chose to leave for a quieter life not in front of television cameras

Impossible to determine what someone is truly like when they're off-camera

Without a script or being able to go to commercial break

Whenever an awkward moment occurred in their persona life

Realized that the job could be thankless, especially if the host comes off bad

Looking like a snake oil salesman in the guise of a nice person

Really a sociopath in the making of appearing on Dateline

Cold, heartless and incapable of caring about others

Pretending to show genuine emotion until cameras turned off

Back to focusing on their favorite subject: themselves

Using and abusing people at whim to get ultimate power trip

Time to change the channel before their heads get too big

Don't want to see them explode when they can no longer

Handle the size of their huge ego and everything that went with it

Can't bare the thought of Mr. Formerly Lovable being no more.

Moving onto sitcom reruns for time being.

A talk show host always managed to make their audience laugh.

A talk show host always managed to make their audience laugh.

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