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Last Place

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Lee is an aspiring writer who makes articles in his free time. He hopes to create content that will inspire his readers.

They say pain is a good teacher
Embrace it and become better
But all I've known is suffering
Listen as I fade into nothing.

What a hopeful runner I was back then
Eyes set on that glorious line
Relentless, I am back up again
Without any sign of decline.

It became the air I breathe
The blood pumping in my vein
No sprain or injury will be my rein
I want to see the horizon beneath.

They clapped their hands because I kept moving
Though my vision's veiled by something.
My feet now sore, my body collapsing
I heard voices that said I just keep going.

Dazed, downbeat and despairing
I'm confused, they told me to keep going,
But I've lost my way, the race became a maze
My passion now swimming in haze.

It took a fall to finally see
All the time I'm moving pointlessly
The praises are the hurdles
I was just running in circles.

© 2020 Lee Yael

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