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Last Phase #4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

What I want to therefore tell you is, tell your granddaughter or anyone whom you

Can talk to, to talk with her that she should get closer to the young man, and should

Think less of those things she has been thinking about, especially her academics, for

If she be married to him, your family would be delivered, and the journey of your

Children and grandchildren would be faster. What they do not think they would possess

In ten years’ time they will possess in months if she be married to him. She thence needs

To do everything within her reach to make the man hers’ forever. She is afraid of

Getting pregnant tell her that if she becomes pregnant for him, “it is the pregnant of money”

Because money are knocking at the door step of the man every day, expecting him to open

That they enter, immediately he starts receiving a money like this, subsequent ones

That have been hanging in the firmament for long would start pouring in, and like his

Heart, which I said is like the hearts of gods, he will be helping many people which

Attract many ladies to him, at this period your granddaughter should be careful for

People will want to pollute her mind against him, that is if she be married to him or

Any lady that eventually marries him, people will be telling them that he wants to

Take another wife, but the man one of the agreement he signed with the Highest

Power before coming to the world is that he will never be married to two women in

The world, in fact that is part of the reason why he has been single till now. Therefore,

If your granddaughter is fortunate to satisfy the young man and be married to him

Emphasize this to her that such period will come and she must not listen to what those

People are saying, for what those people are out to do is to separate them, and if that

Happens your granddaughter would be the loser at the end of it all, her life would

End in regrets and sorrow. People used to say when woman comes into a man’s life

The woman would bring blessings, and if she fails to support a man the man would

Go down, tell her that this man’s case is different, he is a unique creation by God

And should never do anything stupid to him, now or in the future. The old woman sighed

After hearing these words and thanked her spiritualist as she left his place for her home.

She sends for her son to come and see him and when her son arrives she told him

What she has learnt of the young man his eldest daughter has been involved with and

The need to sensitize her that she need to take the relationship from “casual” one to

Deeper one, the need to ensure that she does not lose the young man was

Emphasized to her son. The son initially frowned at what his mother has done taken

Someone’s name to a spiritualist since he knows that he has embraced christian religion

That does not give room for making such inquiries. The woman did not mind what

Her son says, all she emphasized on is work on your daughter so that we shall be

Liberated and that others within the island be freed, because if he marries from another

Island it is certain that the loyalty would be divided, the full concentration we should

Have gotten in the island we shall not get. Even if your daughter is not interested in him

You may find a beautiful lady for him within the island, so that we shall be freed. The gods

Have been talking about a deliverer since the days of my parents, my parents died

Without experiencing such, now that gods have brought that to us, we must not let it go.

The man left his mother and starts working on her daughter. The daughter does not know

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What to do, she really loves the man, but how would she be able to cope with her

Being pregnant? Will she be able to cope with her studies like that? Her father told her

That she should not worry, all that she needs to do is ensuring that the young man

Really wants to marry her, when that happens, other things will fall into their right

Places he replied his daughter. The daughter too made the necessary moves with the man

And she was not denied contrary to what she has thought, and they were married. Few

Days before their wedding, one of the closed doors was opened, and the maiden

Was going to her school in her personal car, like the spiritualist has stated, the

Responsibilities of sponsoring her siblings were on her, and the parents were living in

Beautiful house. The grandma was elated, and the spiritualist thanks his gods for seeing

The deliverer before his demise. Many of the man’s charity foundations were handled by

The wife, as he has less time for those. They had five children two males and three females.

During his days, his island becomes a force to be reckoned with globally. The young man

Died at the age of 120 years seeing his great grandchildren, and the maiden was glad that she

Gets married to him in the world, looking forward to marrying him in the world beyond if possible.