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Last Phase #3

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


The gods have asked me to congratulate you, he says, adding that she should touch

The earth crust and her chest three times because the gods have good news for her, a

Comforting news at that. The woman touches the ground thrice and her chest, thence

Touched her head, speaking words of congratulations silently to herself as she

Readjusts herself to listen to what the gods have for her. The young man is a good

Man, he is the man of many ladies, different ladies have been coming to him because

He has a helping heart. However he has not given his heart of love to any of them

Because of what he has passed through. He has been disappointed on many occasions

By ladies, and he has determined not to be married again, therefore he is yet single. If

You will ask from any of your grandchildren they will tell you that the young man

Is forty years old if not older, but he has been maintaining himself and does not want

To be married again for he does not wish to experience disappointment again, he does

Not want anyone to break his heart again. However, as he was planning this, his

People are also mounting pressures on him that he needs to be married as soon as

Soon can be. The good thing however is he has extraordinarily strong feelings for your

Granddaughter, therefore he cannot do without communicating with her daily.

All these apart, your granddaughter too loves him but she is thinking about her

Academics as she has been saying, for she wants to finish what she has started.

These are minute things the woman says in between the man’s words. I am yet

To get to where I am going and why the gods have asked me to congratulate you.

As he continues, this young man apart from the experiences he has had in the hands

Of ladies, he has also suffered a lot in the world, in the hands of friends, peers,

Associates, those who he had worked with, that has influenced while he hardly

Trusts anyone again and he could be found walking alone because he has been

Spiritually wounded many times which is good attribute, only the gods possess

Such attributes he possessed, being wounded gravely and yet interacting with people

As if nothing happened. He is the person the gods of the island have been waiting for

Since the time of my father has the gods been saying that he will send someone to

The island to deliver us from some powerful people, those we have thought would do

The works of deliverance have failed the litmus tests of the gods which is being

Spiritually battered, yet keeping their heads high among the populace as if nothing

Has happened. That is the aspect they usually failed from which make the gods to

Reject them. But anytime the gods speak to me, they will say the person has been

Begotten, and that I will get to know him at the appropriate time. I have been

Thinking about some people, but they do not possess the character and attributes of

This young man has revealed by the gods today, thence he is the much awaited

Why I Love You

Deliverer the gods have been spoken about. This is amazing the woman replies the

Spiritualist as he continues. The most amazing thing using your word is that the young

Man has completed the last phase of his trials and any moment from now he will hit it

Big globally. After hitting it, people who do not know him before, because he has

Been completely off the radar of the spiritualists and gods will start saying negative

Things about him to cast aspersion at his person, there is nothing that they say about

Him that should be taken seriously because he genuine, sincere and he has the

Hearts like that of the ancient gods. If he gets annoyed at someone, the gods would be

Annoyed at the person and not long after been annoyed with anyone, the person would

See the negative consequences.