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Last Phase #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


I understand what I am saying the woman says to the man, I know all your servants

Are capable of the work, yet I desire to come here myself, to hear from the horse’s mouth

What the gods have to say about my inquiry from them. Well if you said that I accept.

Apart from this I also wish to exercise my frail muscles being restricted to a place

Weakens the muscles more, makes one tired, with one not being able to digest even the

Most soft foods one taken in, not to mention that one would also lose touch with the

Development of things around one’s quarters, as long as we are still alive, we need

To be walking around, seeing things for ourselves, what we do not expect would happen

Before we die that is happening before our very eyes need to be appreciated and welcomed

Since our lives have been spared. That is “verily” correct he replied her as he also takes

His seat on the divination chair exclusively reserved for him when he wants to make

Contacts with the gods on pressing issues. Having sat down he asks her, do not let us waste

Time because if anyone waste time in the toilet the “big” flies would be met with one

There, and that would not be well. Thanks, she replied him. I will go straight to the point she

Replied him. There is one of my granddaughters, she is about twenty-three years old now

If I am not mistaken, I have been asking his father about her spouse but her father has

Said nothing, whenever she also comes visiting me and I ask her about her lover she will

Laugh over the issue, thinking it a trivial matter, and would conclude that she is yet in

University and she is not ready for such now until she graduates. The spiritualist says

That is how the children of today behaves, they do not prioritize marriage, all that is in

Their minds is “graduating, graduating and graduating” from institutions of higher learning

Love Makes Things Happen (Official Video)

Whereas this is also important in a humans life. The God has created us to procreate

And fill the earth is that not what the new religion imported from other load teaches them?

I wonder oh, the grandma replied him, as she continues, I have been swallowing this bitter

Pills for long, until the grandson, junior to the maiden visits me yesterday and I ask

Him of his sister and if he has ever seen any male with her. What was his reply? He asks

He replied well tell me that he used to see one male with her lately, he is the only one that

Everyone knows with her, in fact he says they used to share lovely moments together

On social media and share things among themselves that people are aware of, yet, my

Granddaughter according to him has not tell anyone that she is romantically involved

Him, he says, but undoubtedly she enjoyed being in his company than anything neither

Anyone he says. That is good, the spiritualist replied. Then what do you want us to do about

This? You know it is not good to cast love spell, I will advise that you let things sort itself

Out he says to her. I know it is not good to cast love spell and I have not come here for

That. Then what is it that you have come here for? He asks. Good. What I have come here

For is that I want you to help me ask the gods if they are compatible, and other things that

The gods may want me to know about the young man. Oh! That is a simple ask, he

Replied. What is the name of the young man, he asks her as she gives her the name of

The young man. The spiritualist thereafter consulted with his gods and it will take him

About thirty minutes before he finished the consultation, albeit while making the

Consultations, he will sighed, brightened his face, as a sign of seeing something big

Among other signs that he was showing. After he was through with this he cleared his throat.