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Last Phase #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


One of her grandchildren visited her, she asks of his elder sister from him, he

Replied her that they are all fine and could not come with him that day. She frailly

Moves closer to him and asks him about her sister’s lover. He laughs while she

Replies him that it is not a laughing matter by the time I was her age, I have been

Acquainted with someone, and the family has known him, she is now disturbed about

Her because whenever she visits and she asks her of her spouse she will laugh over it

And would reply that the time is not ripe for that. When will the time be ripped for her

Having someone she will be romantically involved with? She asked his grandson, this is

The time for her to be romantically involved with someone. Tell me she asks him again, do

You see her having any acquaintance with any male? The grandson replies that not

Directly for she has not shown anyone to them that she is romantically involved with but he

Notices that he is fun of a guy in the neighborhood, in fact everyone knows her with the man

They have been sharing their moments together, exchanging gifts among themselves, and

That is the only person he can say he has been seeing with her. “Uhm! Great!!

Good finding!!! She replied him, then asks that what is the name of the person you are

Talking about? Have I met with the young man before? He replied not likely, because

The young man moved to the neighborhood not quite long ago, although he has been

On and off the neighborhood for long, however, in the recent times he has moved to

The neighborhood permanently. He replied him. Can you please give me his name

She asks him as the grandson gave her the name of the young man. After a while the

Grandson leaves her and returns home. When she gets home he was asked of the

Welfare of their grandmother and he replied that he is hale and hearty always

Asking to know of his aunt’s love relationship. They all laughed over this, saying

Grand ma wants to see her great grandchildren before she dies. After the grandson

If This Isn't Love (Official Music Video)

Left the woman, the following day she takes her walking stick and walks to the

Spiritualist she has been familiar with when she was young. The spiritualist is said to

Be the best around the island unlike the “new generational” spiritualists as the people

Used to call them, this ancient spiritualist is down to earth and would tell you how

Things would be he will not hide anything from anyone you either accept or not, for at

This age, I cannot tell lies again, the numbers of years that I will use on earth is few

Compared to the length of years I have spent, if I did not tell lies to people when I

Was young to make money from this spiritualism, why would I tell lies to clients now?

He will ask the people after telling them what the gods have revealed to him about what

They have brought to him. Having been close for decades the grandmother finds

Solace in him and would contact him for anything that is troubling her, if she has a

Confusing dream she will go to him for the interpretation of the dream because to her

He is closer to the gods that they are, ordinary people who have physical eyes

Functioning only for not hitting one’s head against the wall while walking. It took her

A while to get to him, and while he gets to the man, the man told her that he has for

Umpteenth time been telling her that she does not need to stress herself coming to him

Again, all she has to do is dial his number and he will send someone to her to get the

Details from her. The woman however responded that she has to make the trip because

She considers the task like waste materials in one’s systems which no one can remove

Except the one goes to the toilet himself or herself. What could be most pressing that any

Of my servants would not deliver the message well? The man asks her as she takes her seat.