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Last Hope - A Poem

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Give up or Go on?

Give up or Go on?

Standing outside in the downpour

Deep cold seeps into my gilded armor

This barren land once home to me

What's left is nothing but misery.

Met some weary travelers on my path

Destined to meet in the aftermath

When the dusk of our love has come

I must leave everything cumbersome.

And so I let the rivers wash them away

Else to the darkness, I'll be prey

Onward, my frail soul, to a new nest

Alas, I woke up being cradled by unrest.

For the shelter and warmth, I thank thee

But my eternity's not in this reality

I won't allow my last hope to bleed out

So I breakout, with a shout, "No doubts!"

© 2021 Lee Yael

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