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Last Christmas Together

We are true Americans, the brave who will protect our family and country. Our Proud Flag --Red, White and Blue.

She Talks


I will always remember his beautiful eyes that shined

with love and desire,

I will never forget our last Christmas together as we

made love by a roaring fire.

I can still feel his lips as they mastered mine,

Crazed---so intoxicated with love---no need

for wine.

His hands so strong pulled me into his arms,

Surrounding my body---and securing my heart

from harm.

Our Christnas Tree

Our Christnas Tree

Making Love by the Fireplace

Making Love by the Fireplace

His lips made love to my face as he kissed my eyelids, cheeks,

and neck---sparing nothing---for jealousy sake,

It made my already captured heart---quake.

His powerful arms that rippled with muscular strength,

Held me softly enfolded---time was endless within their length.

Will such loving perfection last forever?

Can one find it again? Maybe never.

Our lovemaking through the stars did climb---to Heaven’s door,

But our wet glistening bodies cried for more.

He left me---when his country called him to war,

My heart was black that day he went

away---maybe to see him no more.

American Helicopter

American Helicopter

He Talks


My Darling’s picture is next to my heart,

I caressed and kissed it each time before I parachuted out,

My heart always gives hers a shout.

Our enemy hid in their mountain cave,

Waiting for us to come walking in---we heed danger---but we are all brave.

At night we huddle in many places,

Seeking protection from our enemies with no faces.

She never leaves my mind at night,

Her beauty outshines the brightest star---with its dazzling light.

Her long hair gleams with illuminations,

My hand craves to hold it glory---but now---only in my imagination.

Her eyes---light baby blue,

Would make the toughest man---coo.

Her lips are like those only---Angels possess,

Full, pink, sweet to the taste and a perfect shape,

could make even---our enemy confess.

Her laughter flows gently through my memory of another time,

When our love life was our prime.

Now we run and fight with ground fire and planes over head,

I am afraid we will all ---soon be dead.

I read her last letter from many months ago,

It said---My Darling Sweetheart---Our son came today

and I wanted you to know.

He looks like you with his dark eyes and black hair,

He sleeps and eats without a care.

The letter folded and neatly placed over his heart,

Tears gleam in his eyes---with great sadness his

heart is waiting only for the day---his company will depart.

Will this war ever end so we can be a family again?

I can only pray---amen.

United States of America---Our Home


He came home to her without a scratch,

She met him with their baby---now a year old,

Baby and Daddy a perfect match.

This love story is still going on,

Since her Darling husband came home

Their hearts and souls will never be alone.

Holiday Question

© 2012 Barbara Purvis Hunter