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Land on the Bank of Love — Take a Peaceful Pause

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.

Poetry bridges the gap between dreams and reality. Moments of elegance inspire the poet to transport himself and the reader to the brink of a cosmos where wishes are only waiting to be fulfilled. Poetry thrives in its perfect harmony, magnificent resonance, an island of beauty and tranquillity, a glimmer of a treasured star, far from this world of ploys and demands.

Home is, in the end, not just the place where you sleep, but the place where you stand.

— Pico Iyer

A Peaceful Pause!

Tell me, may I enter those thoughts that steal your days, and

Can I tell you about myself? These letters, written from end to end,

Allow me to express my myriad feelings, and

Irrational ramblings on such white pages.

I am so eager for your attention to be directed to my writings,

My delight is diminished since you did not visit.

Can I dream about your coming in my spring, bathed in sunlight?

And what about the warmth of being? I warmly welcome you.

To discover my crystal mornings in the realm of words, and

The impassioned words cling to my shores and drift.

Do you know I'm right there with you?

Do you know how much hope is crushed by longing?

When you like being alone and resting on the sheet,

Glistening with my inspirations' ink?

Just for you, can I light these bonfires?

Will the flames of these bonfires kindle the flowery impulses of my prose?

To offer to you, I braided each line and interwoven each note.

The threads that connect my many poetic routes.

You will be drawn to the magnificent universe the line represents.

Every time you turn a page, you'll explore my house of love.

Tell me, may I stretch a loving hand to you,

Leading you beyond your gloomy days, through the balcony of dreams,

Putting all those casual lines that span the sun intervals,

Making the illusory, at your feet?

I'd like to invite you to the table of words to taste my poems.

Whose delectable composition alone knows−

How to nourish your starving soul in the quest for the Absolute?

As we're in such realms where hatred has no home,

I thank you for caressing the delicate curls of my poetry with your fingertips.

Do you know what will come after these first few lines?

Don't worry, my land is the opposite of brutality and violence.

Take your time, relax, and follow me along the golden hallways of Love and harmony.

Land on the bank of Love and take a peaceful pause with these words—

These expressions, like the bends of a long-running river, whisper to you of my Love

The principle of art is to pause, not bypass.

— Jerzy Kosinski

© 2022 Misbah Sheikh

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