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Lamentations on Coronavirus

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


My subconscious person was

Restored to my consciousness

Still lying on bed

But opened my eyes

Partly seeing the break

Of the day for

My windows are partly

Opened. The day is

Cloudy, the sun is

Hidden by the cloudiness

Of the firmament as

If dusts have covered the earth

Yea dusts risen up

To also covered the

Firmament from the demolished


Seeing this, I was

Disturbed because the signal

Is not good, going

By the ancients mythology

Then I tried to

Roll myself to the

Edge of the bed

But my body feels somehow

It feels heavy, the

Heaviness is not like

Weakness of the body

Due to stress of

The previous day or

Stress passed through during

The night. My mind

Was down for

She does not wish

To get off he

Position where she was

Then I sensed something

Terrible thing is in

The offing, dangers lurk

Around the corner. My

Mind travels immediately

Nigh and far wandering

Like a man in the

Wilderness that knoweth not

Where he headed for

Started roaming in the

Spirit to sum “ones”

Together to arrive at

Logical answers about this

For the signals I

Am seeing and sensing

In my being but which

I could not isolate

Through our my transient

Journeys of the spirit

Speaketh not well of

What the future

Neither is it speaking

Well of the present

When I could nay

Isolate anything from the trip

Come I back to myself

Saying as the ancient

Prophet says, something negative

About to happen

But the Powerful One

Has hidden it from

Me. He has the

Sole power and discretion

To reveal or hide

What’s in the pipeline

For people, his creatures

For doing this

He cannot be questioned

That why has he done

That? Be that as it

May he would leave

Some conundrum in the

Hearts of people his

Loyalists that something is

In the pipeline


This essentially is the

Burden that has enveloped

My “spirits” this day

As I opened my eyes

I struggled to shrug

The heaviness off my

“Spirits” and physical to

Get off the bed where I am

This continued for weeks

Until it started subsiding within

Me. Then sometimes after

This news started emerging from the middle east

Of the emergent of

The unknown or partially

Known micro- organism, the

Virulent strain of it

Which has made the

Nations of the world

To be in-folding as

Each country enters her shell

As if that’s nay

Enough the virulent microbe

Keeps trailing people even

Into their closets through carriers

Such that the in-folding

Eventually resulted in total

Closure of orders and

Events around the globe

The decade has been

Opened by closures of

Everything and those activities

That are not closed

Have been paralyzed what

Can a paralyzed thing

Do? What will paralyzed

Discipline do?

For when they are

Active they are struggling

But now that they

Are paralyzed it would be

Double “struggling” which is

Not a good signal

For nations yea humanity.

The news of happenings

To the infected people

Are not encouraging as

They are dying in

Tens, hundreds yea thousands

This is the most

Terrifying of its effects

It does not exempt

Neonates neither leaves the old

Pregnant women with their

Fetus have been overwhelmed

And silenced by this

Novel infection

The strength of the

World, which is the

Youths are being cut

Off in their primes

Families have been wiped

Off such that their

Genealogies could barely be

Traced again.

While musing over this,

Torrents of tears dropped

From my eyes. How

Has this happened to humanity?

How are we caught

Off guard like this?

It’s as if humanity

Has been sleeping all the while

Shying away from our

Responsibilities and neglecting this

Microbe the uncalled for

Visitor into the midst of humanity

Yea with this, it

Shows that humanity have

Been sleeping with our

Doors widely left opened


Allowing for thieves and

Enemies to enter our

Abode without some forms

Of obstacles to cross

While sleeping that is

When this enemy called

Coronavirus enters and it

Started unleashing its havoc on us

Before we can gather

Ourselves together to start

Resisting its effects and

Powers, its devastating effect has gone far

Gone deep and has cut

Across nations and boundaries

How would we awake

From this position

How shall we survive

This? This is too much

The deaths, the losses

Are beyond imaginations

The renowned seers have

Been turned to liars

By this microbes while

Priests have been depleted

Of words of prayers

Teachers of holy writs

Have been without instructions

To students on this

Medical personnel have tried

Their bests, but their

Bests are like children

Playing with sands

For their failures have

Continued to be revealed

By the soaring statistics

Of the victims lost to its hands

Researchers have died during

The course of finding

Solutions to this pandemic

Leaders are on war path

Among themselves for this

Pandemic though, its now

They ought to be

United, but that’s not happening

Economies are now negative

As debts are added

Upon debts of the

Nations around the globe

Though internet helps a

Bit, but those who

Would infuse ideas into

The systems have been without one

Thus, economy starts to

Nosedive. People have spent

And they are being spent

To see that it ends

When intelligent and knowledgeable

Are without ideas again

When wisdom have failed

Those who claimed to have her

What can be done?

Streets are emptied of

People, rails have ceased

To function.

Artificial birds flying across

The globe are no

Where to be found

In the skies again

Seas have been on

Holidays. The food reservoirs

Have been depleted while

The financial reservoirs ain’t exempted

I cannot but feel

Sorry for humanity, I

Cannot but cry my

Eyes our for this sorry event

The pandemic that has

Imprisoned everyone throughout the

Globe the rich, the poor.

The Kings, the Queens


The microbe called Coronavirus

I reasoned within myself

And think we have

Pushed the Powerful One

The Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent

To the brink by

Our nefarious activities all

Over the globe

For that is why

He has not spared

Humanity from this disaster

He has allowed it on us

To show us that we

Do not have powers

By ourselves as we

Have always claimed to be

To show us that

Those things which we

Think we have he

Permitted them to be

Released unto us. Therefore,

Apart from allowing this

He also made the

Wisdom of the wise to fail

He has made the

Declarations of the powerful

Null and void. He

Has emptied us and reduced us.

Showing us that we

Are nothing before him

And should stop parading

Ourselves as being something without him

Then said I these,

Though Thou has handed

Us over unto this

Microbe yet, knoweth I that

Thou shalt save humanity.

Though Thou slain us

And we have been silent

Sheep before its slaughter

Yet Thou shalt revive us

Though Thou hast sold

Us without price unto

The hands of Coronavirus

Yet Thou shalt buy

Us back. Though Thou

Hast closed Thine eyes

Against us for a moment

But Thou shalt behold

Us with Thine merciful

Eyes. Though Thou hast

Been sad on humanity

Yet Thou shalt have

Joy over us, Thine

Image. As You ‘ll

Give us victory over the microbe

That Thou hast handed

Humanity over to. We

Shall joy in your joy

Very soon for we know

Thine love for us,

Humanity is endless one

It is from generations

To generations and Thou shalt deliver us


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