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What the Ladybug Whispered

Lora has been a featured writer in poetry publications. She is currently working on a collection of poems that feature ladybugs.


My Anthology of Ladybug Poems

I hope that you enjoy my series of ladybug poems. These are poems for children and adults that pay tribute to the humble little ladybug as she teaches us to celebrate our lives, express our individuality, to reflect upon the beauty of nature, and about the boundless potential of the human spirit.


We Must Be Free to Be Who We Are

In the following poem, the child learns from the ladybug the importance of being free to follow our own path and our own dreams.


What the Ladybug Whispered

When I was very young,
I ran after a ladybug to catch it.
"I cannot stay...
I bring you joy for this moment today.
Remember, you may never hold on to me.
I must be set free,"
she whispered.

"As your lovely spirit
is free as the wind
to be whoever you want to be,
there is...but no limit.

Indeed a miracle you are...
with shiny eyes and laughter.
A joyous melody
can be heard
throughout the land,
as nature echoes
with ready refrain
to celebrate a sweet soul.

And with dreams undimmed,
which enable you to fly-
like me.
Oh do not pinion my wings
my little dear,
and I entreat those who come near
your sweet soul
to always let you be free...
not mishaped
by their constraint...
to be who you were intended to be."

-Lora Hollings


The Ladybug Lights The Way

The ladybug lights the way;

she brings magic to my day.

Let your heart sing!

Celebrate the miracle of being,

I can hear her say.

There's never been anyone like you;

with your special gifts,

the lives of others you can enrich...

if only you so wish.

Feel the sun's rays

as it touches you;

celebrate your life today–

of seeing,

of caring,

of feeling.

In the bird's song,

a renewed hope fills the air

as the joy of life can be heard

in nature's own words...

discover the beauty everywhere.

-Lora Hollings


Oh, Lovely Ladybug

Oh lovely ladybug,

take me to a place so fair

where I do not have a care...

In a meadow where

a rainbow bridges earth and sky,

and hills that reach high-

where there are bluebells and

cowslips everywhere.

In a dress like yours

that is red with black spots,

let me dance on flower tops;

And sip tea

in a lovely lea

with the ladybug queen

who has never been seen.

Let me be light

as a feather

and give me wings

so I can take flight-

to a land of ladybugs

filled with much delight.

-Lora Hollings


© 2020 Lora Hollings

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