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Lady Luck Has Sense of Humor: A Rhyme to Entertain

Val enjoys writing his own style of what resembles poetry, just hoping to catch someone's heart on the same page.


I believe in luck, how else can you explain the success of those you dislike.

-- Jean Cocteau

Whether we play lottery or devotedly pray

our odds of winning are only as good

as is our ability to laugh and play

in a happy dominating mood.

So, whether lady Luck may help or not

hasn't got anything to do with our need

but with feeling that we already got a lot

and that seems to be the golden seed.

Whining and begging in a needy hope

makes Lady Luck merely laugh at us

as long as we do nothing but mope

she won't listen to any of that fuss.

She makes an exception or two

seemingly even going an extra mile

rewarding someone's misery out of blue

just to show how misery only changes style.

There are many apparent wealthy

being a laughing stock to our Lady Luck

they got all goodies except not being healthy

not rich, just using as a consolation their big buck.

© 2022 Val Karas

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