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Lady Insanity

My name is Candice Ballinger, and I am a published author and poet.


Lady Insanity

As she soars through the open field,

she towers over all the people

standing tall and demanding attention,

roaring with power,

yet dying with envy

lest her heart be troubled,

catching her breath

stumbling through the lilies,

holding her breath

her mind is a mine field,

watch your step

don't lose your footing,

one wrong move and all could be lost

an explosion of emotions,

it beckons to be deployed

every day a new feeling,

never far from a psychotic break

as she slays her demons,

fighting the devil and all his minions,

how clever she is in time

her beauteous frame sways as she walks;

as she sashays down these dripping halls

her schizophrenic gate painfully obvious

even to the naked eye,

her face stained red

screaming profanities and slang

opening up a can of hurt,

the label could spell out your name

the whispering is back,

full force,

never slack

interfering with life's promises

as she kills her enemies,

slain by her filthy sword;

striking down the foul

pouring out her pain,

she sells herself short

breaking up the waves,

humorous triumphs

splitting in between laughs,

tracing back and forth

revealing the world's maps,

without a care

without a heart to share,

she is alone in her insanity

losing her grip as she strides;

landing on her feet

the mental anguish in toll

showing up when least expected,

tearing down safe walls

her fingers aflame;

burning from the flames

they pour out from her mouth,

scorching everything in its path

not a soul is immune

nor safe in her torment,

watch her fly with glee;

as she hits the fatal key.

© 2021 Candice Yates