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Lady Chatterley's Stressors

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Described as a lady of leisure and the picture of tranquility

Reality a much more tightly wound vision of sorts

Tried to rest and relax; difficult to get in that mindset

Always had to be on the go no matter what occurred

Unable to turn off the energy faucet when it was time to sleep

Thoughts went speeding by at the speed of light and sound

Caught between two very distinctive parallel universes

A dilemma that excited and confounded Rod Serling

Made Miss Manners cringe at the idea of thumbing nose

At an unconventional approach to anything life offered

Unable to comprehend how someone could do it

Live two separate lives that never intersected

One a red stone footpath smoother a newborn's backside

A walkway where all the bills paid on time and with interest

No speeding tickets ever written; No pencil hitting paper

Have never worn handcuffs or had a mugshot taken

Mere thought could give an anxious person agita

And earning a tongue lashing from the Queen

Other path a very dangerous dirt road

Full of an obscene amount of curves and beyond bumpy

That it made Dramamine seem like cheap breath mints

Stomach ulcers became second nature

Along with bile seeping from every single pore you contain

An accessory no one wanted to have

Instead of forging on ahead into the danger

Decided to stick with the leather and lace activities approach

Considered to be a rebel with a much newer cause

In reality just trying to keep the natives guessing

Designed an approach that only worked for me

Everyone else shrugged and scratched their heads at this

Someone who decided to live between the lines

Actually enjoying every minute of it, even when it didn't work

Gave up with the idea of earning Miss Manners' approval

A pointless endeavor that served no purpose

Needed to live in the moment and find realistic happiness

Only thing that worked in any universe.

Prepare to expect the unexpected.

Prepare to expect the unexpected.

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