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Lachrymose Eyes

Adnan shafi is a poet , writer , coloumnist , short story writer and reviewer

Lachrymose eyes


Lachrymose eyes

My wheezing can't dulcify
the woebegone shrill in my
ear ;
My lachrymose eyes can't
shroud it,
Only you realize the reflections
are undimmed and stringent ;
I don't need to unfold,

However, I searched for replies
Or efficacious reasons as to why
they razed my home to the
ground ;

I have not uncovered the
responses ;
My home was one long,
unremitting note on an
antique appliance ;

I stood outdoor on the damp
grass, in the daylight,
beholding my home exploding
in one blast ;

Beyond my harsh intuition,
the shape of my home waned
within seconds ;
I strolled back and forth, back
and forth, yelled, called for help,
no one came but the ravaging,

The detritus all around,
my home got blighted before
my tears dried, and heart died;

Talks of my mom
held me smooth,
while my head was hefty;
I just yearned to appease
myself by shedding boundless
tears, vouching the greatest
tragedy in Ramazan.

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