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The fierce woman

That woman I found wandering alone in the forest, whose gaze captivated me, whose beauty surprised me and whose fierce character I fell in love with.

You were a small unfading flower, your beauty exceeded the limits, but your character ... So fierce that it could scare a big brown bear, thinking that you were fragile was my mistake, you were able to defeat me with your words in less than a minute.

I instantly fell in love with you, with your whole way of being. Seeing you leave just a few hours after meeting you, I left my heart in a thousand pieces.

I should have saved you from her clutches ... But I wasn't brave enough to do it.

See your white dress stained by the blood that you shed, see your body getting colder and colder on the wet leaves, your soul leaving your body second by second.

I will never allow myself to forget whose woman I fell in love with in just a few minutes and whom she left before my eyes.

Our moment was short-lived, but memorable.



© 2021 NashlyAlfaro

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