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Love Is Almighty

Chandrashekhar Raut is a student of literature and a freelancer. Literature is his field of writing.



What Is Love?

Love! O Dear ! What is love?

Where does it dwell?

Is it true or mere a dream?

Is there any definition of love?


And some say it is nothing but ‘the hemlock!’

And others praise it as ‘the manna!’

Many have been cursing it for spoiling their lives!

And strangely, more have been blessing it for making their lives!

For some there is nothing in life without love!

And for some there is no love in life at all!

Some find it nowhere!

For some it is everywhere!

And some say love is mere an illusion!

And others think love is immortal!

Sometime it is piercing agent;

And at times it is healing medicine!


And how could one taste the honey of love unless he himself loves someone!

It is a poison when you expect something from it!

And it is the manna when you give all of you to it!

It is an illusion when you see it with a narrow vision! And you try to imprison it!

And it is immortal when you have a broad vision!

And then you experience freedom in love

True love turns rocks into flowers;

And you are raised above in the heaven!

And how could one find it unless he seeks it in his own heart!

And could it dwell anywhere but within one own heart!

And you want a definition of love!

And I say - “God”, “Mother”, “innocent child”, “Flower”, “rainbow”, “butterfly!”


It is manifested in God’s bounties!

You will see it in the mother’s eyes!

It is seen in the child’s smile!

It is there in her trembling heart!

tender as a blushing flower!

colorful like a bright rainbow!

fleeting as a morning dew!

overpowering like a mighty power!


omnipresent like God Himself!

intangible as HE is!

Almighty as He is!

Hence, love is God! And God is Love!

© 2020 Chandrasekhar Rajendra Raut