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Long Live My Lover: A Poem



The world is too small that it can

Fit into my palms

Every step you drop I put on a scale

And you have outweighed me

Even the scale lost its hope and broke

When on the 1001st time

You stepped on my toe

And I fell in the fire when the scale broke down

Then you ran up and threw me—blazing—

Into the river to douse my burning heart

I never want to see you again…


Down—down the endless deep

Through the see-through blue water

The blue sky was clear

And presented your smile

I never want to see you—ever again…

Your sins were forgiven

So I pray and wish you

Make a home in heaven

While I’m down where you left me

‘Cause I never want to see you again


I don’t want to live where you live

So I make the deep blue my final abode

And pray the heavens to keep your soul

And I pray before you ascend

Let the remainder of my days

Be added to your years

So they may not lie waste

Even as I lie here

And from the heavens where you live

Pray that the rains never cease

‘Cause I never want to see you—ever again

So that the rivers never go dry

And let me just remain here—

Because I never want to see you... not again

In any world!

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