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From the mother's belly, to the crematorium,

your whole story, at each progression,

O dear,

Life is a fighting match.

your sun rises and sets,

also the stars (of your karma),

in their terrible times, fight, they fight.

at the point when the pulses

stow away in the chest,

pat your back,

wake them up,

also it's generally great once more.

Each challenge is

like a frantic elephant,

it remains before you,

gazes at you.

meeting it in the eye,

also battling it

is what the future holds.

have a strong, compelling conviction.

Before clamor of sheep,

a solitary thunder of lion,

is what the future holds...

Whenever destiny allows you an opportunity

to accomplish something and substantiate yourself,

it gives you a couple of days' time

for the arrangement..

it requests each drop of sweat

as the expense.

However, realize this, that it gives

a great deal of benefit later on..

the modest greeting of one's destiny

to one's hard work

is what the future holds...

© 2022 Sannyasi Raja

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