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Laced, Nature, Be Me

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.


moths disguised

as butterflies

scattering around

smothering my eyes

blinding my vision

not to be superstitious

but this weed

what’s in it

now granted

i'm no expert

but man if

i were to exert

some time

to find

an answer

to this dilemma

this grande problema

i would



there’s no escape

why try

should i die

for nothing’s swell

either reality or on drugs

life is hell




pals that don’t vibe with the binary

i am wary

that we are losing the beauty

you see

the world is becoming ugly


i fear this to be true


appreciate nature anymore

Gaia’s artistry

is unhappily

being left to rot

remember the dancing trees

the autumn leaves

the summer warmth

with the buzzing bees


and the frozen lakes

to skate on

spring night rains

no complaints

or the skies at its clearest

maybe accompanied by the dearest

white figures we call clouds

so now i speak into existence

i speak out loud

my friends

we need to initiate

a movement to appreciate

nature again


i don't wish to follow your path

follow your rules

go to your schools

what if i want to lose

not win

would that be such a sin

to not be perfect

work this

in your mind

no these


i don't care about your grammar

talk straight?

no, i'll stammer

if i so please

so please

listen carefully

i am not you

nor are you me

let me ride my path

make my mistakes

and my successes

take educated guesses

and learn from them

because i need a break

from this pressure

yes sir


what’s up bro

for sure


my seriousness

and find i'm being real

not delirious

just let me be


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