Updated on September 20, 2018
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Jarael is a young filipino who has passion in both poetry and music. He wants to inspire others using his talents.



The sky is blue, and so is the heart.
Tears oozing from the eyes;
Of man who used to wear smiles.

Enough to kill the mind;
Whose memories were once filled with joy.
Casted away! like debris from the shore.

Toiling along the path of agony,
Suffering, the curse of being passionate;
Of the world we once built-

In empty space, I now wander.
We used to stay with light in hearts,
We used to gaze up on the stars.

It vanished; it's all gone.
The mornings and its warmth,
Has now become a long cold night.
Forever, as it may seem.

Your Name

Loving, sweet, and tender
your eyes that give me shiver,
your face that glows shinier
than the sun and flowing river;

Elegant! from your head down
to your shoulder,
from your knees to your heel
the way you dress makes you bolder.

Scintillating and fun,
your words bring so much joy,
every conversation
with you I always enjoy;

Likeable personality,
spirit so lively.

Inspiring thoughts and ideas
touches other's heart and soul.

"Everything" -that is what you are,
you are everything to someone's heart.

Hither and Thither

Your sweet moan on my left
ear resounding and on my right
your humming I could hear

to the ends of the earth!

As warm as the sunlight,
I could feel your touch;
as clear as the river
flowing through the delta;

I can breathe your life.

In darkness I can see you,
iridescence I can glance
even in your absence,
silhouette remains;

shadow caught my vision in prism snare.

To and fro I walk the roads
brisk and slow,
still my eyes can't be deceived
anywhere I go;

Picture of you I always see,

Rather would I say
it is my mind that always sees you
and my heart that feels you
here and there;

Pushes and pulls me.

Eighth of October

I can hear the clock ticking
But I can't hear a sound,
I can see the moon above the skies
But I can't see its bright,
I can feel the wind blowing
But I can't feel its cool;

Tonight I close my eyes in vain
As I await in silence
I'll sleep the night in pain
Encumbered with its torment,
My mind starts to get shabby
Still the night is empty-

It's quarter past eleven.


No sharps, no melody
My life was just a single note;
No flats, no harmony
Just a treble in monotone

Then you moved with the keys
Started to change the pitch,
Im like a piano waiting to played
Like an old song that never fades

You brought music to my life,
Happiness in my every tears;
Never will I ask for more from you,
Coz you’ve changed my whole life through;

Just a music from you will do.

Seven Days

Lost as child
searching for your smile,
wandering for words inside;
my head, but couldn’t hold my thoughts.

Every pluck on strings, every strum I make;
on my guitar, fingers stucked on just one chord,
teardrops fell down on my fret
My ears can hear no music.

Grabbed my pen and paper scratch
wondering if poem could stop;
the loneliness I feel without your presence,
But still your lips can calm my senses .

It’s almost time to say goodbye
and here I am alone thinking;
asking, if I could bear the pain,
Will I be able to see you again?


It's not about you leaving;
but the thought of letting you go,
It's not the sadness;
but the pain in missing you.

It's not the tears that will fall;
but the heart that will bleed,
It's not about us parting;
but the thought of losing you.

It's not the dreams that will shatter;
but the world I built with you in my mind,
It's not about you forgetting me;
But the promise I made to keep.

It's not the feelings that will turn to nothingness,
but rather the love that never fades;

-Wherever you are.


Twinkling eyes and smile on your lips
give me sweet sensation down to my fingertips

Like roaring thunder;

Lovely, admirable!
How beautiful!

Your soft moan I always love to hear,
like a love song
that pierces a man's heart, your laughter that
brings music to my ears.

I want to stop the time, selfishly
just to be with you;

Every millisecond of my day
I hope you are with me;
'til the last day of my life starts.

Such an idiot am I!

To say these things without thinking
you will never be mine.

Foolish is my heart!

To seek for someone's love,
even simple attention couldnt give

But one thing I know
for sure,

You will stay here in my heart;

And one thing
I will ask If I may,

Dont tell me
to stop loving you,

'Coz never will I do that;

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    © 2018 John Israel Openiano


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      • Ankita B profile image

        Ankita B 

        9 months ago

        I loved the poems. Thank you for sharing.


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