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Kovalam Beach - A Sojourn (In response to Ann Carr (annart)'s Beach Challenge)

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Rinita is a creative writer, with focus on poetry. She delves into several forms including Haiku/Senryu, Sonnets, Free Verse, and Prose.

The Crimson Line

The Crimson Line

Day One At the Beach

In the midst of the walking rainbow

A fisherman's tale, a sunset

A raving sea, waves of changing hue

A garden of dreams, blooms on the parapet

Violent Waves

Violent Waves

Day Two At the Beach

And the dew drops faded away

To a turbulent shade of green

Destinies intertwined with the violent waves

Left no little tales to begin

Lost in the Ocean

Lost in the Ocean

Day Three At the Beach

If at all there were dreams that came true

They would be dreams by the ocean

A sudden delight in the forgetful calmness

Is one soul lost in the ocean

The Goodbye Hue

The Goodbye Hue

Day Four at the Beach

The morning sun has lost its glow

Beckons the moon of early hours

Roads that lead away from the sea

Await in a new realm of desires

© 2018 Rinita Sen