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Stretching my back then grab the pen

Pick my notebook then try writing

Minutes had passed and the page is the same

Maybe with a cup of coffee the ideas will flare

Iced espresso, nitro, frappuchino?

These will wake my core and so

The taste of it, so cold, so sweet

Bitterness just fine, I need more of it

Latte,macchiato, cappuchino?

Foamy drinks that will make me go

On what's to write on that blank page

Thoughts should be written,and there will be no more space

Mocha,Americano,or just black coffee

These sure makes me alive to write all my pleas

Depleting all the pages,thoughts are awaken

Period on the last sentence then my hand is shaking

I take a sip and the taste so deep

Stir it more to blend my favorite

It's an instant coffee you know?! Bought near the street

KOPIKO BROWN so creamy and yet the brand so cheap