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Knuckle Down

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A Line My Father Told Me Many Times

When it comes to memories I have more and more every day

Doing well in school was not my strong point

So when my father thought I could do better

He felt I slacked off

I wasn't giving it my all

He wouldn't hesitate to call me out

No holding back

You can do better than this

So why aren't you ?

I responded with an honest answer

I am trying my best

I just don't get it

I can study during the day and night

Certain things don't come easy

For some reason he didn't think I was telling the truth

If you studied you would do well ?

Now that makes perfect sense

If you just open the book and dilly dally

Then of course that isn't going to work

You have to apply yourself

Listen to the teacher

Use your head for more than a hat rack

Kids today don't know how good they have it

I would listen intently

Whenever my father asked a question

You never answered with I don't know

That was a cop out

Being lazy and basically saying I don't care

I don't give a dam

As I got older there was no changing his mind

When I went to high school and stayed up late into the night

He would curse because he could see the light on

What are you doing up so late ?

Nobody stays up till three in the morning to study

Then has to get up at six thirty to go to school

I thought if I practiced harder it would come to me

It didn't

I did it any way

I never complained and stayed at it

The years of studying didn't get me any better grades

What it did do is prepare me for life

There were those people who didn't open a book

They were the same people who said they didn't study

I seen there A's and the B's

I wasn't jealous or envious of them

Because I know that wasn't good

I was happy for them

What did they know that I didn't ?

I didn't skip classes

I took notes

Some of my friends said I took too many notes

I studied too much

I don't believe that

I do believe we are all different

What some people are good at other people aren't

I enjoyed school

I got mostly in the seventies on tests or worse

That was as good as it gets

I didn't take it out on the teachers

They were just doing their job

I use to dream

One day I will find something that comes easy for me

When that day comes

I will shine in the light

Until that day

I will do what I know best

I am a slugger

I will keep on slugging away

To all those who are struggling with a problem in their life

I feel for you

I have been there

It will all work out in some strange way

Don't give up

Put a smile on your face

Feel that pat on the back

I am proud of you

It will only be a matter of time

Other people will be too