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Being Myself

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As I walked along the way

I slowly saw myself day by day

Realizing the best and the worst of me

Playing the odds as I should be.

I thought I am strong

Believing the guts and trying to hold on

Searching for the best of my own

Yet, circumstances tried to drag me down.

Being myself, I feel weak

Scared of everything so to speak

Nonetheless, life must go on for the sake

Of my love ones, anything I take.


Everything has a Reason

They said, that everything happen for a reason, whatever the reason are, only God knows. Maybe I don't understand how and why I have these kind of struggles everyday but I believe somewhere and somehow I can beat the odds. The only thing I can promise to myself and to all my love ones, you'll never see me quit.

The ups and downs, the failures I just had and all the tears had fallen from my eyes were meant for me to go up and to continue the dream that I want to be and become in the future. Although, I felt humiliated and badly hurt inside, it will not burn my desire to carry myself forward.