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Know Thyself


*CHOOSE- Advance confidently toward the destination of your desire.

*BELIEVE- Decide to live a life considered impossible by current conditions


The measure of a man is in knowing his measure

The treasure of man is in owning that treasure

The pleasure of man is the time for that pleasure

The standard of man is his rise above standard

The candor of man is to convey truth in candor

To not gander at my goose, is best for you, gander

Of this manner I mind- son, you’d best mind your manners

Attract the ideal by expecting success

Know thyself. Do thus. Don’t lay up

Do what you do. How you do. 100%

Why set a goal that comes up short?

C’mon, do you even know the difference

Between cautiousness and cowardice?

What you want? Make your intent known.

In your hands, choose the club for the job

Look with your eyes, see with you your heart

Know with your head, believe w your soul

You have inherent power to succeed

Know thyself- Or succeed at being powerless

Align with the goal

Let each action exceed

Envision rousing success

Then just do what you see

Let your head be quiet,

but your impact loud

Draw focus from pressure

Magnified by the crowd

May your swing be full

Your contact sweet

Your judgement true

A Release that’s pure

Make your Dream the ideal

Your Mechanics the same

Yes, Think outside the box,

Yes, Challenge the grain,

So you swing a big stick? Are you in the hole?


Then know thyself, and stay in thy lane

Ponder each condition

After that mind no more

Be strong in your stance

Relaxed with your grip

Think 2 steps ahead,

Learn from the past

Accentuate strength

Do what you do best

Hold firmly to posture,

But swing Loose and free

Seek out the unusual

And do that Usually

Being one with your swing

Swing with all of your being

Find facts from your vision

Make your vision a fact

*know this about thyself

“You are how you react”

You can change the game

Be consistently principled

Still Embrace idiosyncrasy

Then Let go and let God

And just square up at impact


When less is more, then more or less

It’s best to do, what you do best

Y’know The way that you’re rich?

Draw from that wealth

To make thyself known,



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