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Knocking Me And Now My Wife For A Loop

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Just When You Thought You Were Getting Better

Not so fast


I am not done with you yet

Like a bully

Tossing me around

Having their way

I didn't start anything

You just don't care

You will have fun

The more I suffer the more pleasure you receive

I'm up all hours of the night

Then feeling awful during the day

Tired and exhausted

What is your game?

I wasn't good enough

Now you included my wife

Now that is going too far

You crossed the line

Both of us quickly passing each other

Like we were running for a train

All the food in the house

Looks like a wonderful rose bush

Each rose looks beautiful and different

Until you try to pick one

Then you get pricked with a thorn

Just one thorn hurts so much

You suddenly lose any desire to pick another

Meanwhile, you see everyone else with different colored roses

In vases on the table as a centerpiece

Loved and admired

As their priced processions

No thank you

I am struggling to make it through the day

Everywhere you look

It's one big celebration

My head pounding

It's like being at a New Years Eve party

With the worst hang over

Nothings ever right

Give me my pillow and my bed

All I want to do is sleep through the night

Day four and showing some signs of progress

I can still hear quiet rumbling

It sounds like it is in a caynon

Not too far away

Still not sure if it will create thunder

With it unexpected bad weather

Nobody will be happy

All is quiet now

I close my eyes and try to talk myself to sleep

I tried that earlier

With no succees

My wife has heard from friends

There is a bug going around

People have it for a week

There is not person who says

They haven't been a victim

At one time or another

When I get better

Making sure I am not teased and tortured some more

I will try my best

To tell all my friends

To stay far away from the meanest bully of them all

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