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Knocked Off My Feet


The Odd Does Happen

I continue to do my job

In the food service business

I look at other coworkers who find ways to cut corners and bend the rules

Each time I watch with disbelief

How can this be happening?

It feels like the workers with the poor habits and don't care attitude are praised

For what?

They work slower and get managements help

I am amazed for all the wrong reasons

I learned years ago when work got busy

You picked up the pace

You kicked it in high gear

Our old bosses were right beside us

Working just as hard

We are all in this together

Hang in there

It might last for a half hour to an hour

Sometimes three hours straight

Don't give in

Your better than this

It was a great sense of pride

Handling a big rush of people

I later in life adapted it to many other circumstances

The positive attitude has served me well

When it is all over and done

You spent the remainder of the time

Getting more stock and cleaning up the area

Doing all the things you didn't have time for before

Many times you turned to laughter

Where hours before you were cursing under your breath

You knew it was good for business

The big picture was you are here to work

I found many ways of enjoying my slow time

We can work and talk

Often catching up on each others day

A low key kind of social hour

Friends hanging out all to do their job

Each earning money

That could further their career or life in the long run

I never once seen

Such a change in perspective

That is not my job

I don't get paid enough

I'm tired

I want to go home early

These are just some of my pet peeves

Every day I walk through the door

I am ready to work

I am in the customer service industry

People come because they want good food at a reasonable price

My job is to serve them

Making their day

Giving them a good experience

So hopefully they will be back

A win-win

For both my employeer and my bosses and then me

I have many stories of how I chose my career

It reality it kind of chose me

That's for another time

To all those workers who do a good job on a regular basis

It is a shame management doesn't understand

How hard many people do work

To do a good job

With real sense of pride and satisfaction

The bare bones that make things work

Making many companies as good as they are


DREAM ON (author) on April 17, 2019:

Gypsy Rose Lee Life is interesting and can keep you guessing. Maybe it took to missing you that made the fondness in her heart grow bigger. You didn't change and until now she wasn't ready to change. Some people have no time for someone in their lives and then all of a sudden they make time. I am so happy you shared this personal story. I have a cousin that I didn't see in years even though I text him and wanted to hang out. Then when his girl in him split up now I see him three days a week. I am so glad I have wonderful friends out here in the Hub world where we can be here for each other not when we find time but when we make the time. Thank you so much for all that you do. I love the writer in you.

DREAM ON (author) on April 17, 2019:

John Hansen My wife told me don't stoop to their level. Let them rise up to you. If they don't their loss. I am too late to change my good habits. They keep me pushing for more. Eventually, they will learn the hard way. There are no short cuts in life. Only a quick way to do something then at a later date you have to return to fix what you should have done right the first time. Then you have to do twice the effort where I only have to do it once. It might not show up on this job but as you put in a lot more years your mistakes will come back to haunt you. I never have to look over my shoulder and wonder how I ripped someone else off and took advantage. What goes around comes around. One day they will see someone take advantage of them and see if they are so happy about it. I am an old dog and have some pretty good ways that work very well. If they don't want to hear what I have to say, all I can say is I tried. They might someday realize an error in their ways. All we can do is hope we live long enough to see them change. Then we can say with pride I told you so. Thank you for sharing your work ethics and your tips. I appreciate them when I am down or can't seem to take their foolish ways. Have a very good night.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on April 16, 2019:

DreamOn, once upon a time most people took pride in their work and treated it as a long term career. Nowadays people seem to only stick with one job for a short time and just see it as filling in time until something better comes along. Pride is now lacking, and even management seems to have the same mindset. It is a sad state of affairs. A good poem as always. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on April 11, 2019:

Talk about news that could knock one off one's feet. All the time I was living in Latvia under the shadow of our biggest neighbor Russia, no one cared or were interested in little me. Suddenly here I am in Florida and I receive an email from a lady in Russia who has a recipe site in English and she read a post I put in VOCAL about cuisine She would like me to do some writing for her, of course, I will be paid. I am now waiting to see if she accepts me through the two example writings I sent her. Strange how things work out, isn't it?

DREAM ON (author) on April 10, 2019:

Louise Powles Writing is a good way to vent and leave my frustration behind. I try to give things a positive twist. Like a falling leaf. Once beautiful and full of color. Then it changed to brown and almost grey. Ripped and torn by winds and heavy rain. Every part is another chapter in a leafs life. They all exist. With or without our help. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Have a good evening.

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on April 10, 2019:

That's another well written poem, thankyou. I always enjoy reading our poems. =)

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