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Beautiful People

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From your RIGHT ....

Dear Ayodeji,my joy became double when I first met you,
You over looked my broken fence and admire the flowers in my garden.
Your smile so angelic ,your heart accommodative
I cherish the bound we share ,thank you .

Sweet Eniola ,a woman full of great virtues
A moment with you is the therapy I need
Your company refreshes my soul
I'm glad in these life full of uncertainties you are here to walk thousand miles with me .
I Cherish the bound we share ,thank you .

My beautiful Helen ,the rainbow in my cloud
The one who understand the tears behind my smile
Our love compatible like bread and butter
Your Good heart I deeply adore
Keep on being the good woman you are
I Cherish the bound we share, thank you

Pretty omolade ,a perfect mother figure
You trigger the fire in me and rekindle my flame
Your character charming and attitude endowed
You believe I'm a good egg even when I'm slightly cracked
Fate made us friends and we'll never deter
I cherish the bound we share, thank you

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