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Words to My Brother

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Something I wrote for someone I call my safe haven. Something who understood me in everyday. Someone whose love touched my heart


Ajala John Promise,
A friend closer than a brother,
A brother from a different mother,
A friends whose birthday I will always remember, even without a calender. Many memories we've had together. Ever since we met each other, we've been each other's ladder as I no fit climb mountains on my own. I no go reach top unless you come along. I appreciate you brother.
You gave all that you had,
To get me something that would make me glad. Brother, you are funny and kind, Sometimes I feel you are out of your mind. But you are my only brother, And the favorite of queency and your mother.
So many fights we had with time,
I was embarrassed a lot because of you,
But those are all memories so old, still we stay with each other. I will pray that you get everything in life, may you never have to strive. Will pray that your dreams turn true,
because you are truly special, one in few.
If anyone ever asks you about your story, tell them a tale about a warrior, one who fell so many times but who managed to rise, who’d cried in the night but moved on at sunrise, who’d been beaten up but was never defeated, who would fight for life and no matter the scars he would win it. Keep holding on and keep holding it together
You need to walk on, no matter the weather
It doesn't matter if you don't think you'll make it through. You're wasn't easy to read, and that scares the hell out of me. Because you see, I'm a writer and when I can't read one's story, I begin to feign my own. kinda funny how i only remember what it sounds like because of how you'd say " Boboyi banse naw" Now It’s finally over! You’ve climbed the mountains and trekked the canyons. Our story isn't a poem, nor a novel to be written. We can not rewrite the chapters, we can not rewrite our story. Only if I could, I'd write a happy ending. Here is to a wonderful brother like you.

© 2022 Kmaat

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