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Story of a Boy

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He has a father but lives the life of an orphan.
He works hard, strived, just to survive.
He hustles, struggles, so things could bubble.
Wasn't born with a silver spoon, He turned a life Goldsmith just to make one for himself. Making a spoon so long; enough to fade-feed poverty in every room.
He's on a journey, but destination unknown..
He wishes to be a stay at home dad, for he is a young father.
He is a man of no Nation, wanting to control many Nations.
He wants his life to be a legacy for coming generations. He doesn't just struggles on and on, he sometimes sit himself down and think about the lives of our long-gone ancestors, wondering how they survived on this planet called 'Earth'.
How long he will struggle he doesn't know, but he know that in the end, he will be victorious.
He knew there was a 'short cut' to success, but he followed not that route, for it is filled of destruction.
He believes in an adage that says" it is difference in likes and dislikes that make two brothers eat separately". He doesn't relay on the inheritance of the father, the embrace of his mother, praises from his sisters, and love from his brothers. He believes in struggling, so he left all of these behind.
This is the story of a boy called Yusuf, whom proven to be useful and purposeful.
Keep struggling Bruff! You shall get there.

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