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Poem: Kitty Fiasco

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

"Kitty Fiasco " is a poem I wrote while two contractors were in our home installing a door & the updating the electric.

I had a plan to keep both kitty's downstairs with me by using a room divider. It was working pretty well until a kitten slid inside the house. My Bubba wasn't having any of that. Afterall, this is his house.

He quickly learned how to use his paws to push open a section of the divider.

This was the first of many escapes, but he's finally calmed down. Needless to say, two other cats decided to walk in like they own the house.

"How to keep your door dashing cat from escaping" by Animal Humane Society


Kitty Fiasco

The perfect plan
to keep my kitty’s safe
while having my house worked on
turns into a nightmare,
while I’m
watching each terrifying detail.

The workers let a black kitty
waltz right inside the door,
setting off the wild instinct
of my yellow alley cat
to attack.

Before I can blink,
my fur baby uses his paws
to outsmart the room divider
and the chase is on.

I try to stop my frantic cat,
but I’m trailing far behind
as he slinks in between the furniture,
then runs upstairs.

Out of breath
I finally grab the little black one
and get her back outside,
only to find my scared fur baby
hiding from his momma.

The more I try to grab him,
the more he becomes frightened,
and no amount of talking or chasing him
is sending him in the right direction.

Frantically I grab a string off the floor,
and begin shaking it
when suddenly he follows me
back into the bedroom
like he’s been hypnotized.

Quickly I put the 7 ft. tall partition back up
then check on his little sister,
whose still sleeping beneath the dresser
like nothing happened,
I breath a sigh of relief
for we’re safe once again
in this tiny room,
but it’s starting to feel
a bit cold.


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