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King's Cross Through My Senses




I close my eyes and I see London’s sky

Kissed by the frames of a bygone era

Melting the clouds with their industrial elegance

Silvery rings enlacing the lives of artists and scientists alike

That call this place home and in love, they tie

I close my eyes and I hear children’s laugher

Splashes of water filling the air

Travelling across the Granary’s walls

The nostalgic echoes of a summer evening’s delight

That stamps my heart with joy hereafter

I close my eyes and I smell the Artisan’s coffee fragrance

Caring the bricks with its majestic notes

Scented sanctuary for the never-resting intellect

The ardour labour of a passionate soul

That with vision, believed, and today we reverence

I close my eyes and I taste a fusion of flavour

Spices of the world that dance in unison

Savouring with colour and fashion acquired palates

A culinary ritual indulging an insatiable crowd

That hunts for novelty and elated, returns with fervour

I close my eyes and I touch the naked walls of heritage

Erected by the symphony of a mechanical choir

Challenging the laws of physics and time

A place where the inquisitive mind of mankind

Will never cease wonder and forever play, on its stage

© 2018 Isabel GG

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