King Rhymes

Updated on November 6, 2017

Lion King


SCAR. King Mufasa's brother.
Looking up to Mufasa as he's younger.
But Scar also has an unknown plan.
A plan to take the Pride land.
He starts it off by eliminating.
Mufasa, the current king.
He does so by attacking Simba.
by sending a pack of hyenas.
Luring Mufasa to come save.
Mufasa did but death was on its way.
Scar takes Simba for a walk.
They talk while they walk.
While a sudden stampede.
Threatens to kill the future king.
Scar informs Mufasa.
That Simba is in danger.
Scar rescues Simba.
But he is then in Danger.
In danger of being run over.
Scar makes sure he is run over.
While Simba cries about it.
The evil star convinces.
Convinces Simba to leave the kingdom.
Then sends the hyaenas to kill him.
Simba escapes the attempt.
Scar doesn't know of any of it.
He goes and tells the pride.
That Simba and Mufasa have died.
Scar then steps forward as the new king.
He felt destined to be king.
Meanwhile, Simba grows up.
In a place that's less rough.
Taken in by TIMON and PUMBAA.
Fellow outcasts Timon and Pumba.
He thought he found peace at last.
But was reminded by a childhood friend.
NALA reminded him.
That scar took the place of him.
RAFIKI reminded him.
That his father lives in him.
Simba decided to go back.
& take the pride land back.
Once he arrived he saw the land in ruins.
Along with Nala, Timon, and Pumba.
Scar thought he was gone.
Simba battled scar and reclaimed the throne.

Young Cast

James Earl Jones
Madge Sinclair
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Jason Weaver
Singing Simba
Jeremy Irons

Older Cast

Matthew Boderick
Moira Kelly
Nathan Lane
Ernie Sabella
Robert Guilauma
Jonathan Williams
Singing Simba
Salley Dworski
Singing Nala
Jeremy Irons

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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    • sybol profile image

      sybol 4 months ago

      I love the poetry. This is one my favorites of the movies I watched with my children.