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Kindred Moon Pixies

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Full Moon

Full Moon

Should ​I​ sleep or should I write?​ ​
I have not been sleeping each or every night.
I'm tired but the slumber just doesn't come.
I finally surrender to drink a shot of rum.

When I try too hard the words don't come.
My mind becomes distracted and confused.
The words float by and fly away.
They simply won't give me the time of day.

​So ​I​ patiently​ wait for an enchanting night when moon pixies arrive to sing me a ​melody​​ of​ ​an ancient lullaby​.​
​Soon enough​ another moon rises​.
​Before ​slowly drifting into darkness ​they sprinkle​ a fragrance of evening ​lavender​ on my pillow.​
I once again lay my head down to rest.

My mind wanders and before I know​ it I hear the clock chime at the top of ​the​ hour.
​In a half sleep half catnap I lay motionless drifting in and out of my dreams.
A smile from the moon tells me kindred spirits are nearby.
Moon pixies tend to my mind, body and soul to render me unconscious.

In the day time they fly to the sun and circle back again at night.
They have purposeful tasks to tend to our needs while we sleep in the night.
They erase our bewildering fears and open our hearts.
Floating on clouds of heaven I see time waiting in the distance.

With reflections of moon dust on their wings they sparkle in the midnight moonlight.
Another job well done they go about their business heading back towards the sun.
They warm themselves in the sunshine and return on the 'morrow moonlight.
All is well in the universe this charming night and I find myself asleep slumbering in the moon lit twilight.

© 2020 Laurie S Novak

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