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Kindness Poems


Kindness is something we all love to share with one another. It is the way we speak with the people we care about. Kindness makes the heart sound. It is best to be kind. It should be part of our human nature.

It takes very little to be a generous person. We can learn from one another better when we are kind and diplomatic. It shows our personalities and shape our character. Kindness is a great emotion to have and cherish.

Here are some poems about kindness. I wrote these poems in my spare time. If you enjoy reading my work, please leave a comment in the section below.

Little Acts of Kindness

Little acts of kindness

may enlighten the mind

Delivering the soul

through the extent

of time

Little acts of kindness

is how we speak

Making strong the very


Let kindness

Let kindness be

all it ought to be

Let it grow like

tulips in a garden

filled with vegetables

and fruit

Let kindness be the


The way we talk

Let its beauty

shine brighter

each moment

we share in


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