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V- The Perfect Smile


Hello V from BTS, innocent like a child

Your voice so deep, I can listen all night

Face so perfect, the features so fine

And oh! the jawline makes you divine.

A singer, a dancer, an actor you are,

When you first came with your friend for his audition,

they saw your face of a star.

You were sitting there supporting your friend,

the next thing you knew you got a call from that place.

Caring and supporting, you're such a pure soul,

When you are in problem, you call your angel

to guide you through that door,

Your members treat you like a baby and you're indeed a child

You like to take care of them and let them take care of you for a while.


Heavenly beautiful and ofcourse the most handsome man in the world,

So down to earth, feels like you've just fallen from above

The way you carry yourself is just your another trait,

You look like a model, coming from his shoots all day.

A.R.M.Y loves you so much and I know you know it too,

Your voice, your songs makes the army fell instantly for you.

And smile! oh! the smirk that you do, melts my heart.

And your eyebrow thing ofcourse make your fans fall apart.

© 2021 Parul Rawat