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Jin- The Worldwide Handsome


Eldest of all but a maknae he is,

So funny, so kind, so beautiful as if,

he was sent from heaven just to be a superstar,

to reach so high and to make it this far

You awestruck everyone with your worldwide handsome face

Your laugh so infectious it makes my heart race

Your daddy jokes would never get old

You're so bright, so goofy, confident and bold.

An awesome cook and your members love your food,

You show your caring side and there's a joker inside of you

A perfect face with a flawless skin,

Tell me how can you be so ethereal and at the same time be so loving.


You rap while you're angry and you're so tall,

Your voice so melodious like a nightingale singing from her soul

When you get tired 'Aigoo' is what you say,

You like to joke around like a little kid likes to play.

A.R.M.Y loves it when you do your cutest tricks,

To make your fans scream with your loving flying kisses,

You run your own world and company named JinHit,

Amicable personality and the most confident man in the list.

© 2021 Parul Rawat