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Kim Namjoon- The Best Leader

I am a graphic designer by profession and loves to read and write in my free time. I have a keen interest in writing poetries.


Kim Namjoon, the first member to join,

Leader of the band and a person so fine

Can rap and write lyrics that keeps you stuck,

Tall and handsome, finest man in the world.

Worldwide famous group and he is the one behind,

with his back support to members and to keep them unite

God of destruction can break anything without force

Hottest man alive, sexiest brain in the world.

Your love for the crabs always leaves me in awe

Everytime you went to sea it's the first thing you search for

so kind, so calm, you even say sorry to non-living things

Your nature gets me everytime and I want to be just like you from within.


Caring and supporting, the translator for the group

Coolest man and affable personality in the troop

Best leader in the history, so mature and kind

Your nature so calm, group full of masterminds

A.R.M.Y loves you so much and you already know that,

Your rap faster than the light and a heart that make us all wreck

And oh! Your dimple makes you look so so cute,

Army loves it when you get all shy while doing your “aegyo” moves.

© 2022 Parul Rawat

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