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Killing My Time

I am an Indonesian poet. Familiar is called Isykariman, known through his poems that use the figure of speech and romantic words.


There are only black and thick

Misty dancing in the air

There is no warm hugging body

Only the cold stabbed the taste

There were no animal noises at night

Only the soul struggles in silence

Only lively memories are scattered

Then decorate on the walls of the room

I'm tired of taking steps to reach you

All I could do was compile then disappear

You are the one I couldn't reach in your hand

Always real when remembered

About your eternal smile on the room's ceiling

About the sound of your laughter that continues to echo in the ear

But I'm just busy compiling diction

Until there are many parables in my mind

But again and again

There is no hope to hold your hand

Because you defeated me before taking a step

In front of me, there are only dark walls

Then behind that wall are you and your laughter

Already a parasite in a space in my head

From there I will continue to compile if I reach for you

Although the gap never existed.


Some want to complain in the dark

Earn hope in between incompetence

Power is only limited to expectations

Mixing second by second into poetry

Among the chatter ceiling of the room

He was eternally held hostage to the aura of the throne.

Aura Slaves

I like the word

Play with literature

Imagine for diction

You are my duties

Who was born from your aura

Demanding words to line up

While I'm just a word command

For you, an idol of the heart.

Beautiful Amnesia

"Angels don't know themselves."

An air that feels rock hard

Incarnated a magnificent diamond fence

Among the faces of the throne

An ordinary look melts away the taste

The tail of the eye signals the rose petals

Beautiful curves of sweet lips

You are a twilight shackle

In the bulk of every appearance

Selflessly you are a hostage of hope

Missing all logic

There is only fantasy

Pick you up in heaven

Amnesia angel.


If I may ask

It is not hard to say

I want to look at your face

from such a short distance

Although only a minute

With the condition that all hours are turned off

So it can be forever.

Laugh Out Loud

A thousand times you run

One thousand times I catch up

Not in the past direction

Not in a way that makes you tired

But in a dissected way

I'll go alone

Stay away, then spin

then come closer from behind you

Call your name and say

I will not be tired, in the slightest.

The Leaf

About small events

Under the calm sky

Whether it's bitter or poetic

He separated the leaves from the twigs

After the vertical journey

The leaf is upright

While staring at his friends

"When do you follow me."

My Village (Reminiscence)

Bright sky creates a chocolate check in the chest

Live your life full of questions,

Why should I grow?

Then go away

The lure of a bright future

Who knows later ?!

The full address is miss literature

Spread miserably me in the distance

Makes me melancholy

On the ground where my little footprints

I miss carving out new footprints there

On logic laden with reasons

let me cook miss until boiling

To the closest distances I am to home

I miss my mother, father too, especially younger siblings

and all who taught me Smile

Until Laughter came loose, first there.


About the awe, you conjured into being

Not the result of logic alone

I observe perfectly

When you are right in front of your eyes

You don't realize one thing

I secretly know about you

You should not stand here

Your place in heaven

Thank you for the form

describe the beautiful curve of your sweet lips

Thank you for the duration

Give a little story about you

It is my secret

Not for me to say to anyone

But I keep it for long

I'll tell you later, in time.

The End

We might not be in line anymore

But our footprints are still imprinted

In harmony with the mossy pillar fence

But that was the past, only to be remembered.

You have a new world, me too.

Happy and challenging we have ever tried

But now we are two strangers

I guess you don't know me anymore

I suddenly thought this wasn't you

Role Play This is your college assignment.

We are friends, and I will help you

My role as a person does not know you,



Incidentally, there is you in my mind

I feel like running

As far as possible, Until I realized

It doesn't make me tired

And know your magic

Even if only in memory

© 2019 Isykariman Biridlwanillah

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