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Poem No. 11


Killer Queen

Born to kill,

Never loses a will,

Warrior of a steel,

After her, just death you can feel.

She is a Killer Queen,

Only solution is a win.

Her victories are always clean,

To lose, for her it’s a sin.

This sure, I have never been,

Something like this I’ve never seen,

So pure spirit of a teen.

Her moves are like art,

Her walk, her talk are smart,

She shines with every single part.

Many were deceived by her unreal beauty,

Now, to learn not to judge is everyone’s duty.

Eyes so deep,

From your look, she can’t slip.

Mirror of a soul,

So steady and cold.

Look is wise and old,

Her angel soul will never be sold.

Young, but experienced,

Blessed, but cursed.

A huge load is on her back,

But nothing she can’t take.

Proud and dignity,

She carries when she fights for humanity.

It was a girl, now it’s a woman,

Stronger and braver than most of the men.

A lady on and off the field,

And only like that demons blood can be spilled.

The burden of Sparta is in her blood,

She walks alongside God,

So you should kneel and be no mean,

Cause she is the Killer Queen.

© 2022 Aleksa Stojčić

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