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Kids Poem - The Frog That Got a Thousand Kisses

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Kiss a frog to turn  it into a Prince

Kiss a frog to turn it into a Prince

After a thousand kisses, all that the poor frog did was croak

Princesses from near and far came to turn the frog into a handsome loath

As disgusting as many of these princesses taught it to be

They knew once the frog had transformed into a handsome Prince, they were the wife to be

They lined up fitted in the fanciest of dresses

Cloth of the noble, threaded by the best seamstresses

Pushing and pulling, just to kiss a nasty old frog

But all the frog wanted to do was catch a couple juicy bugs

Lipsticks of red, purple, black and even blue

All wanted the handsome Prince to begin a life anew

But many of these ladies were not that lookable at all

Some snorted when they laughed, others picked their nose and wiped it on the wall

With a couple smooches, kisses, and plenty more of the same

The frog made a croak, turned around and looking quite lame

The Princesses were fed up as they had been kissing this frog for quite a while

No magic happened, no prince revealed, just a frog filled with kisses and a stupid smile

But what they did not know was that this was all a scam

The king was broke and came up with a scheme to raise money for his kingdom

He sent away his handsome son to hide in a far land

And told a tale about a wicked witch who casted a spell upon his son’s hand

She turned him into a frog and only a true love kiss could break

And that one would have riches beyond her imagination and live happily in a magic filled place

He charged a fee for all Princesses to render a Kiss

Five thousand gold pieces if you wanted that wish

Pretty soon the king’s treasury was filled to capacity again

So he returned his son one dark night to the castle again.

Then in the morning he made a grand announcement that no princess possessed the prince’s heart

So he hired a magician to break the spell apart

He presented the Prince to the masses and everyone shouted and relit the Kingdom’s lamp

While the frog with a thousand kisses, smiled and simply hopped back to his swamp

The King looked at his treasury again and burst out in laughter

At how easy they were fooled into kissing a nasty old frog, who lived happily ever after.

© 2017 Clive Williams