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Kids Are Shielded

Daydreaming nihilist. Code maniac with a coffee addiction. Music, movie buff. High functioning alcoholic.


Life has nothing on you when it’s fifth grade

Your friends they find you poor and misbehaved

Their parents want them to keep away

Your own, fight, break mirrors and let you watch the wrestle

But you’ll shrug it off and move on un-grizzled

Life has nothing on you when it's tenth grade

Your father has silently taken to the grave

Your new home is far; you are evenly estranged

Your first love is seeing three others from your class

But you’ll cry it off and move on unabashed

Life has nothing on you when it's college

The boys all want to get behind your scarlet

You wait on all night to message your boyfriend

He climbs a new woman every night without guilt

But you’ll drink it away and move on with your drill

Life has nothing on you when your quarter life has passed

Parents don’t want you to ever come back

Lovers have beaten your heart blue and black

You’re joking yourself to think friends have your back

But you’ll find a way to the shrink and backtrack

Kids are shielded, they survive the tide

But the dams are broken when you’re thirty-five

© 2022 W h o I s I

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