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Kid Reign and Poetry: Rondeau Goes the Distance

I like literature. Poetry opens my mind. Lyrics are a rhythm for me to move along to during the day. I'm a lyricist for Gudda Boi Classics.

Endurance from Harran meets Challenge at Egypt


Step by step

Step to step

No chariot

No Marriott

There's a tent

There are hills

No rent

No lease

But the beast is his endurance

Abram was called to leave

Go big or go home

Is the journey to Pharoah's throne

Going the Distance


There is grass

There are leaves playing with your conscience

You are thirsty

Be glad that your not drinking a past flood

Before these mountains could be seen

There was a time they were gone below a flood of blood

An ark of riders weren't blown away by that flood of land revealed

Your now walking on

A Earth of grace the face of mankind could've been gone


Know of that ark and that rainbow of promise

There's a blessing of land promised and your the blessing through Abram

Offspring no flood

A second chance from the clouds above were hear finish the journey

Walk the walk step by step

Leaving Harran


There is patience in travel

Step by step

Go the distance

Your gaining no gold at the time

But there's strength for your character

There is patience in travel

Later you need this strength you can gain

If you remain

Go the distance

This distance is crucial for the strength for your character

Step by step in a war

May be the rhythm you'll learn that will be the reason later you defeated the learned enemy


A great tree you see

A beauty follows

There's beauty in the process of endurance

The wife he has is taken advantage of

Don't go cold

A great tree you see

A beauty followed

No beauty lost in endurance that you've gained

Be assured of your self control

You remained in character after her rape

By a Pharoah

Outnumbered by soldiers

There is vengeance reaped on the Pharoah

Continue the walk

There is strength being delivered

You are strong

It's been proven step to step

Continue the walk

Your love's not bittered

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