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Kid Reign and Poetry: Miss after Miss after Miss- Keep Practicing

I like literature. Poetry opens my mind. Lyrics are a rhythm for me to move along to during the day. I'm a lyricist for Gudda Boi Classics.

Archer Keep Practicing


Miss After Miss Affer Miss

Barry Sanders lost a lot of yards

He lost a lot but he'd earn big

An attitude of I'll search until I find it.

A style that's unorthodox but in the end it somehow gets the job done.

Ishmael found a bow an arrow

Abraham found Sarah and Haggar after Eve

Just because the roots next to you are through doesn't mean forget your leaves

In the start prepare to lose a lot of arrows as an amateur archer

As a tree prepares to lose a lot of leaves before the spring

Practice Practice

Makes perfect

Learning to Learn

Builds esteem

Esteem helps you follow through on dreams to achieve

Archers Lose a lot of Arrows


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