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Kid Reign and Poetry: From the Stalls to the River (From the Barn to the River)

I like literature. Poetry opens my mind. Lyrics are a rhythm for me to move along to during the day. I'm a lyricist for Gudda Boi Classics.

Fox at the River; They have to drink too


In the mind of a B.C Shepherd from Gerar

Know when to get off the horse

know how to fight off the fox

have dogs to scare off the wolves

use time to elude the wolves

use time to elude the fox

With your oxen on your yoke an ox on a yoke

Have dogs to fight off the wolves

bow and arrow for wolves clean up after the herds a shepherd isn't an easy job

split up the 2 bucking rams

Wrestle meat out of the bulls for food

organize and make sheep out of wool for the winter when it gets cold

Bull meat to eat when you are hungry with a pasture of grass to feed your herds Near a river for them to drink and remember wolves have to drink so know when its time to leave

manage that clock

take a tenth of each herd to the river at 6 in the morning and get them there at 6:30am

take a tenth of the herds be done at 10:30am

11:45am get them into the barn before the wolves come out at 9pm or 11 at night

the fox comes around at 4 in the morning near 6 in the morning

your prepared to fight when it is time to take your quarter out to drink from your barn in the river or a tenth to go drink at the river from the stalls from the stalls to the river keep the herds focus with your staff fight off wolves and the fox with your staff

Control your horse as you ride

Control your sheep, control your bulls

Control your distance

Control yourself

Control your mind, Control your herds mind

Control your time


Put oxen on a yoke?

Control ox on a yoke?

Both have to drink (the sheep and the fox)and the shepherd

Control a tenth of what you can handle to, at and from the river

Put the yoke on an oxen and lift the bull

Sheep at the River


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