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Kid Reign and Exodus: Mightier Than We?

I like literature. Poetry opens my mind. Lyrics are a rhythm for me to move along to during the day. I'm a lyricist for Gudda Boi Classics.


Mightier than We?

The fear is great

Israel's tribes has multiplied

Up the ranks one may go

Stimulate the mind

It's unfortunate to be dull

Your esteem is under attack

Your self esteem is under attack Pharoah

When offended please ascend stop opposition to the promises to be mighty

Be mighty

Genesis is Complete Yet Again


Your esteem is under attack

Your esteem is under attack

— Corey Jamar Vance


Corey Jamar Vance (author) from Atlanta Georgia on January 20, 2021:

Thanks man!

Yacouba Konate on January 20, 2021:

This is Dope

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